ria; twenty-two. desi. wlw. she/her.

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this is @wonpilanti ria. i was starting to feel really anxious on main mostly because i felt like an annoying army, so i made this acc as a safe space for myself. if we are mutuals on my main and you want to be mutuals here, feel free to send a req!! but please only do so if you genuinely do not get annoyed by my army tweets, because if u do that would suck for both of us, and i don't think i can deal w any more twitter-induced anxiety. thanks ♡

hello i'm ria i am pakistani i am gay and i have no personality traits besides loving bangtan.

i'm just an aqua trying to have some fun on this website. feel free to follow or sb or whatever u wanna do! it's a free world!!

i won't follow back if we don't have a lot of mutuals in common or if you're a minor :( sry

p.s. i sb people who bring unnecessary hate to tlist, if i ever sb you that was prob the reason